I Never Thought I Would Say This

You should have to have a license to be a parent.

There, I said it.  I never, EVER, thought I would say that.

Before I was as conservative as I am today, I was left of center in my college days.  Hell, I even drove to Mexico to build houses for folks who were trying to get into the country.  Though I admit even my liberal self had limits.  The YMCA group I went down there with actually wanted to smuggle an immigrant to Minnesota.  I vetoed that plan.

I digress.

You need a license to drive.  To catch a fish and check out a book.  But anyone can be a parent:

A 22-year-old North Carolina woman who put her toddler in boiling water and burned his foot with a cigarette has been sentenced to prison.

Prosecutors said Rich put her son in a pan of boiling water in October 2008 as punishment because he was constipated. He was treated for third-degree burns on his bottom. He had a cigarette burn on his left foot and other injuries.

Serious.  Miss Rich has no business being responsible for another life.

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