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Austerity In The EU: Myth?

All we hear from the left is that austerity programs in Europe are causing the continued problems over there.  I posted on Monday that the austerity” the left is bemoaning doesn’t exist:

It would seem that with the exception of Greece, there is no European austerity “problem.”  Europe seems to be growing their government just fine and just as they’ve always done.

The problems experienced in Europe right now are not the result of reduction in spending.

Loyal reader Scott called shenanigans:

You have to look at 2011 and especially2012, you’re only going through January 2010, that’s before talk of austerity budgets really took hold. Hollande was talking about real aspects of the EU pact and Sarkozy’s plans — none of that is captured in data that go through January 2010.

So, in order to dig deeper, I’ve gone and found data for the entire EU, in Euros though 2011.

And the new data doesn’t change the point I made earlier in the week.

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Obama’s North Carolina Problem

Obama won North Carolina in 2008.  I think that my state is going to prove to be a bitterly contested battle ground state in 2012.  Further, Obama feels the same way; he’s been campaigning here for the better part of a year now.

But he’s in trouble:

Just about 200,000 Democrat voters couldn’t pull the lever for Obama.  That’s better than 20% of democrats.

That’s a lot.

Voter ID Laws And Shoes And Other Foots

Today North Carolina voted on “Amendment One”.  This is the constitutional amendment that would define marriage as the union between one man and one woman.  It bans gay marriage.  In fact, some feel that the amendment is written such that it bans civil unions between men and women as well.  I’m not so sure about that, but it’s possible.

Anyway, an interesting con-flux occurred tonight.

It involves primary voting, age and fraud.  All the best election night news.

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Amendment One: Role Of The State

I was thinking about the whole debate and then the vote on North Carolina’s gay marriage amendment today.  One of the most interesting realizations was the number of liberals who voted with me today.

Think about it.  I’ve been advocating Liberty, real individual Liberty free of state coercion, for years now.  I’m as for two gay men getting married as I am for the owner of a bar refusing to serve those two gay men.  I’m as for the right to open a barber shop without a barber’s license as I am for allowing people to suffer the consequences of not obtaining health insurance.

Quite simply, I have a long standing history of advocating for the Liberty of the individual.  The Left most certainly does NOT.

The left clearly advocates for the state to intervene to feed people.

The left clearly advocates for the state to house people, to send people to college, to provide medical care and retirement.

The left is ALL about the state controlling people’s lives and restricting individual Liberty until the Statue of Liberty herself pukes.  The idea of Liberty to the Leftist is foreign and on that is despised and feared.

Why is it then, that now, in this debate, the Leftist resonates with the Libertarian?


Gay Marriage In NC: Amendment One


Sadly I am afraid that Amendment 1 will pass in North Carolina.  This is the amendment to the state constitution that defines marriage between one man and one woman to be the only recognized union in the state.  I’m distressed by this outcome.  I’m distressed that a segment of the population of my state would look to restrict the liberty of another segment.

I get the arguments.  I understand that Christians may feel that homosexuality is a sin.  I get that people think the point of marriage is to generate children.  I get all that.  But even if it’s true, even if being gay is a sin, that isn’t the litmus we use to pass legislation.

I am VERY clear that taking the Lord’s name in vain is a sin.  Yet none of us would think to legislate that into law.  Again, I am sure that failing to keep the sabbath holy is a sin, yet again, we wouldn’t dream of codifying it.

The fact that a thing is, or MAY be a sin, simply isn’t reason enough to erect state laws.

With that said, in my disappointment in my state, I find the process fascinating.  There are things that a state can do that the federal government can’t.  And regulating marriage is one of those things.  A state may decide that the age of consent is 16, or 17 or 18.  That state may allow exceptions with parental consent.

Some states require blood tests.  Test to determine if the betrothed carry infectious disease.  Or are related.  States get to regulate marriage.  And though I don’t agree with that regulation, it would seem that the proponents of the amendment followed the process.  They petitioned the government.  That government listened and struck an amendment that made its way to the ballot.  And, if the polling is right, will pass.

States have the right to regulate things in a way and manner that the federal government does not.

And here is where I’m conflicted.  I certainly hope that the courts take this up and rule that the amendment isn’t valid.  We simply can’t stipulate advantage for one group of people over another.  On the other hand, the people of the State of North Carolina have spoken.  Perhaps we are obligated to live with the unfortunate consequences.

If only we had done the right thing and voted this thing down.

Occupy Raleigh: Good Riddance

After months of camping downtown Raleigh and presenting an eyesore to the whole community, Occupy Raleigh has reached the end of its run.  No longer able to make the rent payments, the landlord informed the group that they would have to vacate Monday, May 7th.

The camp was a permanent presence for a number of months.  As such, it acquired a significant amount of “stuff.”  Stuff that had to be removed.  And for THAT to happen, people had to show up to assist.

I so enjoyed the response:

I’m curious about times to accomplish each of the daily tasks.  I have finals on Friday the 4th and Monday the 7th and I work in the evenings.  Other than that, I may be able to help out some during the day.  I definitely want to be there for the 12th event. =)


Sorry that I can’t help today, Jim. My low back muscles are tweaked to the max.  :(

Going to lay here and read Zinn today, and hope to be back on my feet soon to help out.


Nice, Dee!

I can probably help with reseeding on the 12th but that’s about it.


I am tied up with work but perhaps at some point on Sunday I can help. There isn’t much I can do about that.


I’m on light duty due to my surgery last week.  But, I’ll be there Sat after 1:00 to help sort or haul small items.  I’ll bring some heavy duty contractor garbage bags.

When it’s time/clear enough please post this milestone… then I’ll try to come up with some plantings


I am laid up with my back after working on the Camp Wednesday. Looks like Tayloe and I are in the same boat!!!! I plan on being there on Sunday to do whatever I can as long as no lifting is invloved. What time do you plan on going on Sunday?


I feel awful I couldn’t be there to help today.  I  am at my sister’s for my mom’s birthday and working at the same time.


I am so sorry but I was so hoping I would feel well enought to be there today, but my back is worse and I seem to have a touch of what seems to be food poisining or a flu bug. I feel terrible for bailing on you all.


All of these people so engaged in the movement, yet when it comes time to sacrifice and work…..roaches in the sun.  This might be why these people feel society has left them behind.

Because we have.  I am only so willing to labor extra hard to carry the moochers and the looters.

European Austerity: A Myth?

France will have a new President.

Yesterday in France, the Socialist Francois Hollande defeated the sitting French President:

…Hollande defeated centre-right incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy on Sunday…

It seems that the President-elect ran on a platform of austerity-rejection:

Hollande has promised more government spending and higher taxes — including a 75-percent income tax on the rich — and wants to re-negotiate a European treaty on trimming budgets to avoid more debt crises of the kind facing Greece.

I’ve always believed the left when they claim that Europe is undergoing a time of “fiscal austerity.”  Then I bumped in Coyote, who questioned it:

It is almost impossible to spot this mythical austerity beast in action in these European countries.  Sure, they talk about austerity, and deficit reduction, and spending increases, but if such talk were reality we would have a balanced budget in this country.  If one looks at actual government spending in European nations, its impossible to find a substantial decline.  Perhaps they are talking about tax increases, which I would oppose and have been occurring, but I doubt the Left is complaining about tax increases.

Seriously, I would post the chart showing the spending declines but I can’t because I keep following links and have yet to find one.  I keep seeing quotes about “commitment” to austerity, but no actual evidence of such.

So, I thought I would look.

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Health Care: Why We Are The Best In The World


All you have to do is Google “USA Healthcare Ranking” to see that most people thing we rank low; very low.  But I have been carrying the banner that this ranking isn’t an accurate portrayal of the health care system in America.  Rather, when appropriately measured, we rank #1, just as you would expect.

See, the organizations doing the ranking have a built in bias.  They rank health care systems lower that don’t meet their already stated goals.  That is, they punish the United States for not having medical facilities close to a certain segment of the population even though that certain segment of the population moved to rural Montana fully aware of the risks.

But most egregious is the failure of these organizations to normalize their data. For example, these statistics use life expectancy.  Yet they fail to account for the fact that the United States has a disproportionate number of deaths due to non-health care related causes.

No matter.

And I have been fighting an uphill battle.  Until now.

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Obama – Forward


Obama has unveiled his new campaign logo and slogan.  I have to admit, I like what Obama has done with both such slogans.  In both cases they are but a few words; Hope, Change and now Forward.  And more importantly, they are action words, something that we do.  However, on the downside, change, like forward, are actions that don’t necessarily mean positive progress is being made.  Obama is definitely a change, but I don’t think you’ll find a majority of Americans who think that he has been positive change.

All in all, I think Forward is better than it is worse.  At first blush.

But dig a little deeper….

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The Free Market

Man is self interested.  This may, or may not, cause concern.

In the history of all the world, man has been most prosperous when he has been most free.

Free to own property.

Free to sell his labor.

Free to sell his products.

Free to sell his land.

Only in those places where government restricts man’s ability to engage in free trade is he most enslaved.

Vote Obama.  Vote dependency.  Give away your life.