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Obama, Castro and Hanlon

Obama Castro

So, Obama shook hands with Castro at the Mandela funeral service.  A bunch of people seem to think that this is a big deal and is symbolic in some way.

While true that a sitting President should not shake hands with a communist dictator, I fail to get worked up over this turn of events.



1.  We know that Obama is a Marxist and resonates with the philosophy of the communist leader.

2.  Hanlon’s Razor:

Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.

I am more convinced that Obama either didn’t know who he was shaking hands with or that his advance staff failed to tell him who he was.  Such an explanation is far more likely than Obama making a conscience statement with his actions.

Obama – Forward


Obama has unveiled his new campaign logo and slogan.  I have to admit, I like what Obama has done with both such slogans.  In both cases they are but a few words; Hope, Change and now Forward.  And more importantly, they are action words, something that we do.  However, on the downside, change, like forward, are actions that don’t necessarily mean positive progress is being made.  Obama is definitely a change, but I don’t think you’ll find a majority of Americans who think that he has been positive change.

All in all, I think Forward is better than it is worse.  At first blush.

But dig a little deeper….

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Tax Revenues Year Over Year

Did you know that there are two ways to increase revenues generated from taxation?

If you’re liberal, we’ll forgive you for not knowing very much about things like economics:

You can either increase the rate at which you tax the population or you can increase the amount of money the population has.

One of those things results in bringing in more money to the federal government.  The other results in being labelled a class warrior.

I just posted that the federal government is set to receive a 6.51% raise.  And with the updated numbers I can understand that the government is upset with its raise.  After all, since 1941, the average increase in revenues to the federal government is a healthy 9.54%.  Even going back to a much more recent 20 year history we are seeing a 4.14% increase, and that’s including the negative 16.60% turkey we saw in 2009.

The fact is this, if you wanna increase revenue, then focus on increasing revenue.  Grow the economy, embrace business and celebrate capitalism.  On the other hand, if you wanna use the tax code to redistribute wealth in the name of raising revenue, be honest about that.