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A Budget Solution

I think that I have stumbled on the compromise that Congress needs to make.

On the one hand, you have the Left that insist the ONLY way to address our deficit is to raise more revenue; certainly this is a fair argument that deserves consideration.

On the other hand, you have the Right that insist the ONLY way to address our deficit is to cut spending; there will be no raising of the tax rate.  Again, a fair position worthy of consideration.

My solution is simple.

Do both.

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When Elephants Trample

Wisconsin recently passed a concealed carry law in the state.  Basically the law allows people in the state of Wisconsin to carry concealed weapons if they are licensed to do so.

However, the law is clear in that it does not trump private property rights.  That is, just because you have a carry-conceal license does not mean you can carry in my home.  Or other private property.

It would seem that certain people object to the concept of private property:

A Wisconsin jewelry store owner is under fire from customers for opting out of the state’s recently-passed concealed carry law.

Bret Eulberg, owner of Robert Haack Diamonds in Greenfield, Wis., says he has been getting angry messages threatening a boycott of the store. The new law allows residents to carry concealed firearms in public, but business owners still have a say whether or not they want to observe the law in their stores.

“We’re getting phone calls saying we’re not going to come to your store supporting you because you’re against gun rights,” Eulberg told “We’re not against gun rights. My contention is if a bad guy is in my store and you’re a good Samaritan in my store and you see the bad guy whipping out the gun, we already have security procedures in place to protect ourselves.”

Private property is private property.  Mr. Eulberg isn’t saying that you can’t carry a gun, he’s not saying that he disagrees with you carrying a gun, he’s saying he doesn’t want you to carry a gun on his PRIVATE property.

Damn Republicans!

Light Rail: Seattle, WA

Light-rail and high-speed trains have long been the darling of the Left.  If some local or state government can come up with a plan to build trains, the Left is only TOO anxious to deliver the money.

Rail corridor between Raleigh and DC? Done!

Charlotte and Atlanta?  Done!

Roanoke and Durham. Done!

I admit that I’m flummoxed by this fixation.  But let’s take a look:

The idea is based on two angles:

  1. If we can move more people from here to there on a train, we’ll decrease the amount of fossil fuel burned.
  2. It creates jobs.

How much of this is true?  And to the extent that it IS true, what price are people willing to pay?

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Just A Thought

If President Bill Clinton with a Republican House is credited with balancing the budget why isn’t President Obama with a Republican House being credited with NOT balancing the budget?

Or, the other way:

If the 2011 House is being credited with preventing fiscal responsible legislation, why isn’t the House in the 90’s credited with the passing of the fiscal legislation?



Expect More Liberal Hand Wringing

Get ready for the gnashing of teeth, the tearing of clothes.  Massive amounts of money are going to be spent in the coming months by an organization not friendly to Barack Obama.

I anticipate much in the way of complaining that corporate interests are polluting the campaign process, that big money is drowning out the little guy.

All that, I expect it all.

Cause here comes CrossroadsGPS with a massive $20 million ad campaign:

WASHINGTON – Today, Crossroads Grassroots Policy Strategies (Crossroads GPS) announced a new $20 million issue advocacy initiative over the next two months to frame the national debate on jobs, the economy and the national debt in anticipation of congressional action on these issues.

In the first phase of the initiative, on Monday Crossroads GPS will launch a new national TV ad, “Shovel Ready,” which details the Obama Administration’s failure to improve the economy with its $830 billion stimulus legislation and other policies.

The spot’s $5 million television buy covers national cable news channels as well as local network affiliates in key states, including Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Carolina, New Mexico, Nevada, and Virginia.

The ad can be seen right here:

Awesome work.

30 seconds.


Brutal – I capital “L” love using NBC!

But they have more:

A beautiful attack on unions and union leadership.

Finally, top it off with:

Finally: Gay Marriage Passed

New York has finally passed a bill that allows Gay Marriage:

ALBANY — Lawmakers voted late Friday to legalize same-sex marriage, making New York the largest state where gay and lesbian couples will be able to wed, and giving the national gay-rights movement new momentum from the state where it was born.

The GREAT news?  The bill was passed by a Republican senate where event the Democrats weren’t united:

The same-sex marriage bill was approved on a 33-to-29 vote, as 4 Republican state senators joined 29 Democrats in voting for the bill.

The lone Democratic opponent, Senator Ruben Diaz of the Bronx, said it was “unbelievable” that the Republican Party, “the party that always defended family values,” had allowed same-sex marriage to pass.

What he didn’t say is that the Republican Party finally found its way and let Liberty sing!

Anything I Can Do You Can Do Better…

Wait – wait.  That’s not how that goes.  Not at all.

However, for this purpose, it provides an interesting illustration.

For example, consider two bills:


Raleigh, N.C. — Businesses, cities and counties in North Carolina are going to have to start checking the immigration status of new hires.

Gov. Beverly Perdue on Thursday signed into law a bill directing employers to use the federal government’s E-Verify system to prevent illegal immigrants from landing jobs. The legislation makes exceptions for companies that employ fewer than 25 people or which use seasonal workers.

Then, the other:


Gov. Bev Perdue has vetoed a controversial proposal to require voters to show photo ID at the polls.

Her statement:

“The right to choose our leaders is among the most precious freedoms we have – both as Americans and North Carolinians. North Carolinians who are eligible to vote have a constitutionally guaranteed right to cast their ballots, and no one should put up obstacles to citizens exercising that right.

Get that?

If you are a business and wanna  hire someone, you have to check and verify valid ID and legal status.

If you are a government and wanna protect the right that thousands have died to protect – not so ‘effin much.

The way of the Leftist ya’ll, the way of the Leftist.

How To Impact The Price Of Oil

The price of oil fell yesterday.  In fact, it fell to a recent low after losing about 6% of its price in a single day.

A single day.

A new find?  A long term commitment from OPEC to increase production?  An announcement from Venezuela that it would end its gasoline subsidies in that country to ease demand and therefore apply downward pressure on prices?


None of that.  In fact, it was a simple single one day event.

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United States Ranks 37 in Health Care

Just look and see:

1  France
2  Italy
3  San Marino
4  Andorra
5  Malta
6  Singapore
7  Spain
8  Oman
9  Austria
10 Japan
11 Norway
12 Portugal
13 Monaco
14 Greece
15 Iceland
16 Luxembourg
17 Netherlands
18 United Kingdom
19 Ireland
20 Switzerland
21 Belgium
22 Colombia
23 Sweden
24 Cyprus
25 Germany
26 Saudi Arabia
27 United Arab Emirates
28 Israel
29 Morocco
30 Canada
31 Finland
32 Australia
33 Chile
34 Denmark
35 Dominica
36 Costa Rica
37 United States of America

It’s plain as day.

The United States sucks.

But I’d like to see even ONE of those other 36 nations do this:

Makayla Clary, of South Hill, Va., was a passenger on an ATV that suddenly tipped over.

“I initially found her at the accident and had to lift the ATV off of her,” her mother, Cheri Clay, said.

A helicopter carried Makayla to Duke hospital.

Catch that?  In order to provide treatment, a helicopter was employed.  And she was carried to Duke Hospital.  One of the world’s TOP facilities.

Okay, back to the news:

There, doctors said her legs were crushed and had severe cuts and swelling. It looked as if her right leg might need to be amputated, but her surgical team recommended waiting four more weeks, Duke plastic surgeon Dr. Detlev Erdman said.

During that time, Makayla underwent additional therapy, including hyperbaric oxygen treatments. In those, a person breathes pure oxygen in a sealed chamber with a pressure 1½ to three times greater than the normal atmosphere.

“With hyperbaric oxygen, we can actually decrease the swelling while simultaneously providing oxygen for those tissues which are not getting an adequate supply of oxygen,” said Dr. Bret Stolp, with Duke Hyperbaric Medicine.

Makayla spent two hours a day for two weeks in a hyperbaric chamber in pressure equivalent to diving 33 feet below sea level. A head tent fed her 100 percent oxygen.

The treatment accelerated Makayla’s treatment and helped save both her legs.

Recently, she was able to drop her crutches and take a few steps on her own.

“She took three steps towards me, and we just hugged and cried,” Clay said. “To go from an injury where half her leg is basically missing to having almost a complete limb now, it’s amazing.”

Makayla said her big motivation to get better is to return to the softball field, where she plays catcher on her school and recreation center teams.

From amputation to catcher on the softball team.

Not one other medical system on the list could have provided that treatment.  Expensive?  You betcha.  A feature or a bug?


‘Nuff said.

Obama’s Speech: What He Did Say – June 22, 2011

Well, I missed a few.  Then again, my idea was to talk about the things he should say, not the things he would say.  However, with that said, I know I would’ve missed the two ol’ standbys.

  1. It’s actually a tie for first, so I’ll go with the oldest first.  Blame Bush.  Jeepers.
  2. I

Other than that let’s run through it:

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