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The Cost of Flying Just Went Up – Thank Government

Thanks to the United States Government, the cost of flying from here to there is about to go up.



Just as sure as you can’t change the laws of physics, you are unable to change the laws of economics.

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On Birthers and Birth Certificates

I tend to think that this birth certificate nonsense is a waste of time.  I’m sure that Obama is a citizen and that he was born in Hawaii.  Further, if he DID present his long form certificate, the right wing-nuts would go crazy trying to prove that IT was a fake and a forgery.

It will be hard to put this whole thing to rest.

Heck, people still think we didn’t land on the moon.

But it certainly is fun.  So let’s see:

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I Hate Earth Day

I find it nauseating to be lectured by those on the Left regarding MY religion while they legislate theirs.

Oh The Shame

I’m a mutt.  I have parents that German and Swedish.  I can’t make the case that my whole heritage is contained within the Nordic states, but it can be said that half of me is.

Further, I’m from Minnesota.  A state dominated by Swedes, Fins, Norwegians and the like.  It’s who we are, don’tcha know?

And I’m proud that part of who I am has been chosen to represent the state’s football team.  Who wouldn’t?

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Oh To Be Young Again

The benefits of youth!  See, when you’re young, there is no foul-you’re young!  Only be becoming old do you gain the sufficient life knowledge to enable you to see things differently.

There is a certain truth in the old quote:

If you aren’t Liberal in your 20’s, you have no heart.  If you aren’t conservative in your 40’s, you have no head.

With all that said, college kids get it, they just can’t believe it.

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The Logical End

I am shamelessly lifting this AWESOME cartoon from Mr. Mitchell, a Senior Fellow at the Cato Institute.

Obama Wants To Sell GM

If you needed further proof that the whole GM bailout thing was anything but political, you can check out the most recent news from Washington:

The U.S. government plans to sell a significant share of its remaining stake in General Motors Co. this summer…

On one hand, that’s great news.  The less productive assets we have in the hands of the government, the better off those productive assets are.

On the other hand, it’s kind’of a bummer.

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More On “Soak the Rich”

So, last night I presented data that demonstrated you would have to lift every single dime in income from those making $200,000 or more to cover the deficit.  Not pay the bill for the year, just pay the deficit.

What if we just go after those making $500,000 or more a year?  The really rich?

Start with a $1.5 trillion deficit.  Back out the taxes paid by those making over $500k.  You now have $1.85 trillion to cover.

How much do the folks who bring in $500,000 or more make as a group?  They make $1,270,000,000.  That’s it.

If you call being rich as making more than $500,000 a year rich, then you have to take all of it.  Everything they make.  ALL.  And you still are short $600,000,000,000.

You can not tax your way out of this.

Can We Tax The Rich Enough To Get Out Of Debt?

The battle lines are drawn.  On one side you have the conservatives demanding that we cut spending.  The other; we have to raise taxes on the rich.

The battle?  Well, the battle is the deficit.

So, who’s right, who’s wrong?  Let’s check it out.

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One Of The Good Guys

So, last night Carolina had some vicious weather pass through.  We’re okay, but MAN! did we get some rain and wind.

After the storm passed I went out to catch “Atlas Shrugged”.  But before I left, I changed shirts and walked into my bedroom.  I heard the distinctive drip-drip-drip of water moving.  BUT—the storm had passed hours earlier and rain water shouldn’t be dripping where I heard it.

Up into the attack I went and sure enough, my polybutylene pipe had sprung a leak; water everywhere.

I turned the water off, went to the theater, watched my movie while drinking a beer an came home.  Today I tried to fix said leak and gave up.

I called the plumber and within 4 hours on a Sunday drove up Triangle Plumbing.  Complete with pure awesomeness ad everything on his back bumper:

It took him more time to climb up the ladder and get his tools than it did for him to fix it.  PLUS he offered poly fixing service AND referred me to a restoration service.

Whadda country!