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Michelle Bachmann Drops Out Of The Race

As expected, Michelle Bachmann announced that she is leaving the race for the Republican nomination.  This comes on the heels of a poor showing in Iowa, a state that Bachmann had to have in order to demonstrate viability.

She did poorly last night and this morning she is  out:

Mrs. Bachmann said on Wednesday morning that she would not continue her campaign for the Republican presidential nomination.

“Last night, the people of Iowa spoke with a very clear voice, and so I have decided to stand aside,” Mrs. Bachmann said at a news conference in West Des Moines.

I never thought that Bachmann was a serious candidate.  Typically it’s an insider with long term ties to the party that gets the nod.  Further, we have a history of nominating political “Do’ers” and not “Voters”.  This is why we see more governors running than Senators,  And Bachmann wasn’t even a Senator.

She added value to the race by providing a serious conservative slant.  And hopefully, she was able to pull candidates further right than they otherwise would have.  Further, her national attention will now allow her to mount a run for the US Senate where she would face Democrat Amy Kloboucher.  After having the seat stolen from the Republicans in 2008, it would be nice to get one back in 2012.

Good luck Michelle.

Herman Cain Suspends His Campaign

Some time ago I predicted that Perry wouldn’t matter and Cain would fade.  I had no idea how right I would be.

Bachmann is and has been done for a long time.  Santorum has a Google problem.  Paul is too old.

This race is now between Mitt and Newt.

Either one, for different reasons, will beat Obama.

Thoughts on the Debate

The Republicans are still going at it as I type.  However, I think that tonight marks the beginning of the end for Santorum and Bachmann.  I further think that Gingrich will begin to rise and Romney and Perry even out.

Love Affair: John Huntsman

I wonder if the Left’s love affair with the man will change now:

WASHINGTON (AP) – Republican presidential hopeful Jon Huntsman says he’d be open to running as vice president if rival and tea party favorite Michele Bachmann wins the nomination.

The former ambassador to China and ex-Utah governor says that every time he’s been asked to serve his country he’s answered “yes.” Huntsman tells CNN interviewer Piers Morgan that if asked by the Minnesota congresswoman to run as her vice president he’d “be the first person to sign up, absolutely.”

I wanna see how they spin the fact that he’s smart enough to call out the Republicans but yet can’t wait to serve as their new Arch-Enemy.

There is Talkin’ The Talk…

I’m new to politics.  I’m a junky, but I’m a new one.

For example, I don’t know that politicians have been forever promising to reduce spending only to increase it.

I don’t know that we’ve been tricked and treated for ever.

But I do now.

Which makes Michelle Bachmann’s proposal pretty unique.

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Star Tribune Taking Sides?

I, for one, am happy that BP put aside $20 billion into an escrow account.  I’m afraid that they’ll file for bankruptcy and we’ll lose any ability to get them to pay for anything.

Michelle Bachmann isn’t so happy with that turn of events:

The president just called for creating a fund that would be administered by outsiders, which would be more of a redistribution-of-wealth fund.

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