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Herman Cain Suspends His Campaign

Some time ago I predicted that Perry wouldn’t matter and Cain would fade.  I had no idea how right I would be.

Bachmann is and has been done for a long time.  Santorum has a Google problem.  Paul is too old.

This race is now between Mitt and Newt.

Either one, for different reasons, will beat Obama.

2012 Election: Republican Primary November 11, 2011

Right now, the race is for 2nd place.  Until we’re down to two, I don’t think that we’ll have a clear idea of who’s gonna win this thing.  Some time ago, I predicted that Perry would fade as well as Cain.  While I think that I’ve been proven right, Cain has continued to surprise me.  Except for this most recent scandal, he’s been rising in the polls and rising pretty quick.  However, the scandal did hit and he’s suffered.

My biggest prediction was that Gingrich would be the contender to take on Romney.  I think Gingrich is the smartest guy on the stage, has a history of getting things done and just speaks with a confidence that will set people at ease.  He’s clear, he’s concise and he just talks common sense.

I think that my prediction is playing out:

Newt Gingrich has jumped to second place and Herman Cain has dropped to third among Republican voters’ preferences for which candidate should win the GOP presidential nomination, according to a new poll.

According to the McClatchy-Marist Poll, Mitt Romney leads the Republican pack with 23 percent. Gingrich is next with 19 percent, followed by Cain with 17 percent.

It’s time for the pretenders to bow out.  I suppose they’ll work towards the first round of primaries, and that might be fair, but the sooner we can weed out the lower tier candidates, the better off we’ll be.

By the way, for fun, check this out:


Herman Cain

I’ve stayed silent on the Herman Cain sex scandal issues.  Part because I’ve learned the hard way the price of reacting to bad news reporting.  And part because I’ve needed to set my thoughts.

With that said, here are the pertinent issues:

  1. Did he do it?
  2. Does it matter?
  3. Is there a double standard?

I think the biggest of the three is #1.  Did Mr. Cain in fact abuse his position and make unwanted advances towards women?  I resonate with the fact that the 90’s were a period of escalated reports of abuse.  However, I also resonate with the characteristics of powerful people.  Personally I think that there is a large enough pattern to suggest that something iffy is in play.  Do I think there is a case of abuse?  No, I don’t.  Do I think that he may have suggested a “sex to play” kinda scenario?  Yes, I accept that possibility.

Then, #2, does it matter?  I would suggest that America doesn’t think it does.  We elect all kinds of crazy and we do it every year.  Personally I think it DOES matter.  It suggests a certain character.  And further, I think it suggests a somewhat lack of discipline wielding power.

Last, is there a double standard?  Absolutely.  Neither party has grounds to stand on when it comes to moral failings.  And they should stop in this bickering.