Herman Cain Suspends His Campaign

Some time ago I predicted that Perry wouldn’t matter and Cain would fade.  I had no idea how right I would be.

Bachmann is and has been done for a long time.  Santorum has a Google problem.  Paul is too old.

This race is now between Mitt and Newt.

Either one, for different reasons, will beat Obama.

11 responses to “Herman Cain Suspends His Campaign

  1. My take: Newt, like Perry, will self immolate. Romeny will lose. (Might Ron Paul mount an independent campaign? Is it possible do you thing?)

    • By “Romney will lose”, I of course meant Obama will win.

    • Newt, like Perry, will self immolate.

      I don’t think so. He’s been at this for a long time now. I think he’ll avoid the mistakes of the past.

      • pino, I don’t think he’s constitutionally able to be anything but what he is. And that will hurt him. They’ve all got great big egos – you can’t run otherwise, but his is so gigantic, so outsized, so . . . well, just read George Will or Krauthammer from last week – they were merciless and neither thinks Gingrich can survice shooting himself in the foot.

  2. I think Obama’s chances are pretty good. Newt could be the candidate, but he has so many negatives and Obama’s team so much money and experience that they’d probably bury him. Romney is hurt because there isn’t a lot of GOP enthusiasm for him. Looking at demographics, a slightly improving economy and the GOP field I’d say the smart money is still on Obama — though he’s not a sure thing.

    • Newt could be the candidate, but he has so many negatives and Obama’s team so much money and experience that they’d probably bury him. Romney is hurt because there isn’t a lot of GOP enthusiasm for him.

      I think that Newt is hurt because people think they should remember him for bad things. Almost as if to say, “I know I shouldn’t like him. But I don’t know why.”

      Newt’s positives are that he is the smartest guy on stage, has done all of this before, brings fresh thinking and will out debate Obama in every facet. Further, the conservative voter will turn out for him.

      Romney gets the businessman benefit. He’s the only one of them that has actually DONE anything. Further, Romney is more centrist, so while he loses some hard right support, he more than makes up for it in Indy voters and conservative Democrats. He actually steals Obama’s votes.

      At this point, we all know what there is to know about both Newt and Mitt. I think that the next surprise will be a negative on Obama. I’m sure the Opp Research is out there on Barry as we speak.

      • Can’t disagree with that pino . . . This one is an episdoe of The Survivor – last man standing wins. So .. .

        Can Mitt connect? (probably not).

        Can Newt keep his composure? (probably not)

        Which leaves us .. . aaaggghhhh

  3. Scott,

    You underestimate the will of the Republican Party to unseat Obama. They believe Obama is destroying America. As much as they want a true Conservative in the Primaries, they will unite behind anyone who is the nominee. Just as Liberals whine and moan about Obama. At crunch time Democrats will not abandon him .

    There will be no third party. Both sides have found out the hard way that they are political poison. Nader and Perot were losers. On the Republican side you have an uneasy alliance between establishment GOP moderate types and the Tea Party, who don’t care for one another. The Democrats have an even more strange marriage. The rich establishment Democrats paying $35,800 a plate to Obama and the rich hating OWS street troops.

    Democrats have more money and Tea Partiers will turn out to vote more than the OWSers .

    • I think, Alan, you project your ideas onto more people than those who really hold them. Also, many tea party folk have overtly stated it would be worse to have a so-called ‘RINO’ or someone who is not a true conservative than Obama. It’s not rational, but the extremists of both parties tend towards irrationalities.

  4. Scott,

    First off, Tea Party supporters are not extremists. Since when did limited government and government living within it’s means become an “Extreme ” viewpoint?

    And Trust me, President Obama has done such a good job in changing this country into what Tea Party supporters loath, that they will turn out to vote even for a Romney. The President couldn’t 100% enact his agenda because he does want to get reelected and much of his vision is unpopular. Another 4 years of an Obama totally unrestrained by a need to run again is too horrible to imagine to Conservatives.

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