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A Call For Tolerance

The Bible is the Holy Word of God.  Written by man but directed by God.

The Koran is the same thing, perhaps to Muslims, even more.  In some ways, it may BE Allah.

Burning it, or even threatening to burn it is an insult.

And that crazy Pastor Jones SHOULD be called out for this nonsense.  People are right to be outraged.

But where is the outcry against this?

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I’m pretty tolerant.  I’m willing to bear a bunch and walk away feeling pretty good that I represented myself well.

I like love. 

I like forgiveness.

I like that whole “Turn the other cheeck” thing.

But some things are just too much.

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Why Does My Country Hate My Religion?

As part of a tolerant nation with laws that protect free speech and prohibit the government from becoming a religion, we don’t have to look very hard to see examples of my religion being mocked.

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