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99 Weeks Ending Soon

The Recession hit.  And it hit hard.

And now that it’s over, many people, economists and politicians, are wondering when the jobs are going to come back.

Heck, look at the recent election for proof that current conditions are brutal.  Don’t think that the surviving Democrats aren’t mindful of where we are and where we’re going.

And the current dilemma?  Unemployment benefits are going to expire for many folks pretty soon.

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Why Politicians are Bad for Politics

Because it’s hard for a person who wants to get elected to tell the people doing the electing that they need to suck it up.

While I’ve only been politically jazzed for 2-3 years now I have always wondered how “other people” vote.  You know, do they vote for what’s good for them and them only or do they vote for the better of “the system”.

For example, if a road is going to run through my backyard means I lose my house but it’s good for the community, should I vote for it or against it.

Can you imagine how different a father would discipline his children if they could somehow “vote him out”?  The only reason we successfully raise our children is that we create rules that they otherwise would not generally abide.

Same for politics.

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