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Perspective: China Style

I suspect we’re all guilty of it.  It being the practice of seeing things ONLY from where we sit.  Of seeing things in ways that are colored by the ways we have always seen things.

I’m guilty of it all the time.

I look at people, react to people and come to conclusions based on my past experiences.  This is my perspective.

Lot’s of times it works like it should; dark alleys get avoided.

Some times it doesn’t work like it should.

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Millions Yanked Out of Abject Poverty

And the hits just keep on coming.

It turns out that as companies fear the market responding to stories of sweatshop labor and inhumane factories, they are now preemptively taking steps to improve the lot of overseas workers.

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Can You Really Be Poor?

There is significant talk about the poor in America. And to be sure, there are those who have an those who have not.  But can you say that America’s poor are truly poor?

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Capitalism: Millions of People Are Being Yanked Out of Abject Poverty Daily

It’s a pretty familiar refrain “Everything is made in China, that’s why it’s so cheap!”

This is usually followed up with the typical “slave labor” and “sweat shop” and other oft trotted out horror stories.

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