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Higher Taxes: Less Revenue


In the latest example of the Laffer Curve we see that 0% of $60 billion is less than [some number > 0]% of $60 billion.

See, Apple doesn’t think that having to pay the world’s highest corporate income tax is in the best interests of the company.  Or the shareholders.  So it’s not going to pay the tax.

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The World’s Most Valuable Brand

There is an organization that measures such things.  And, in fact, they place a dollar value to those brands as well.  Anyway, the latest list is out and the winner is:


In a study released Monday by Millward Brown, a market-research arm of London advertising giant WPP, Apple AAPL +0.50%  was listed as the world’s most valuable brand, with an estimated value of more than $153 billion.

And how do they determine this list?

…calculations are based on an analysis of financial data combined with “consumer measures of brand equity.”

They use how well consumers feel they are served by the corporation.

In so far as companies are “greedy” and “capitalists”, they can’t succeed unless they build and sell something that people want.  And the most successful of those corporations are exactly those corporations that do the best job at making the best products.

Millions Yanked Out of Abject Poverty

And the hits just keep on coming.

It turns out that as companies fear the market responding to stories of sweatshop labor and inhumane factories, they are now preemptively taking steps to improve the lot of overseas workers.

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