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So, I just jumped to my local Raleigh news feed, WRAL, here in Raleigh to see what’s going on.

The first three headlines:

  • Two shot along Fayetteville’s Raeford Road
  • Motorcyclist killed in Clayton wreck
  • Rip currents blamed for three drowning deaths on NC coast

That’s 3 headlines, 6 deaths.

The next headline?

  • Son doesn’t blame driver charged in triple fatal I-40 crash

Lord.  THAT accident lead to three more deaths.

And after THAt, we get this:

  • Toddler killed in Wake County house fire

Holy shit.

You wanna know why people aren’t reading the news anymore?  ‘Cause they write about stories about headlines.  I’m not sayin’ that the lives of those folks taken too early aren’t meaningful and important.  Clearly they are.  However, the fact that these is literally NOTHING else to red between these stories leads me to think these journalists, HAHAHA, are just ‘effin’ lazy.

Testing iPad Posting

My wife recently recieved her iPad 2 in the mail. That means her old iPad goes to me. I’m trying to see if this thing can replace a laptop for blogging.

So far so good. The interface is intuitive and easy; even fun.

Now, lets see if I can insert an image.


Okay…..so that was easy’ish however, I get the feeling that I just published the post without wanting to be done.

Okay, now I’ gonna try and link a site:

Hmmmm….no joy.

It seems that I am posting in HTML mode and would need to be ble to “code” the hyperlink. Not an insurmountable problem but not as easy as it should be.

Now to try and try fonts.


Again, no joy.

If I wana include such fonts, I would have to code them as well. Not such a good feature.

Now, to be fair, this is the WordPress App. I think WordPress needs to do more work on this, not Apple. The other missing feature is it’s missing Apple’s real time spell check and auto-cap feature. Big dissatisfier. Oh, and the double tap period applicator. Boo.

I’ll next try to post from the native website and not the app. We’ll see if that’sany better. Or worse.

A Great Blog

I’ll admit, I didn’t find this site so much as it found me.  However, in my defense, I really REALLY like this place.

They’ve got it all.  Style, content, creativity and compelling product.

I may not agree with their overarching views, but there are some fantastic folks pumping out fantastic articles on fantastic topics.


What’s Up With Pino

Posting has been slow for the last several days.  I suspect that this will continue as I enjoy my temporary digs in Phoenix, AZ.  The Pino family are visiting family in the desert and are enjoying much deserved rest and relaxation.


Here is a view from the temporary home office:


And this is the office itself.  Wonderful way to make a living:

Happy Memorial Day Weekend ya’ll!

Pino’s Law: I

I think this is the first installment of Pino’s [okay, THAT pisses me off!  My spell check just flagged Pino as being misspelled.  Damn it.  It did it again!] Law.  I’m sure that can’t be correct.  I often cite things off the cuff that just seem like they should just be, well, law.

But after moocho searching, I can’t find any documentation of any such law.  So, here goes.

Pino’s Law: I

No matter how many travel coffee thermos you have in the house, ALL of them will be dirty and in the dishwasher 98.5% of the time.

I never used to bring coffee to work.  We had awesome coffee provided AND I was at my desk by 5:30-6:00.  Now, we have shitty coffee, if any, and I’m at my desk by 8:45 – 9:00.  I need coffee before 9:00.

So….I bought a coffee maker and some coffee and began to make coffee.  And then be late.  Late ’cause I had to drink my coffee before I got in my car.

THEN I discovered the wonders of individual thermos.  Wonder of wonders!

But it was always, ALWAYS dirty.

So, I bought another one.  And another one and another one……

And the flippen things are ALWAYS dirty!


Pino’s [damn spellcheck!] Law I

Baseball Was Better Yesterday Than It Is Today

Harmon Killebrew

1936 – 2011

This one’s tough:

Harmon Clayton Killebrew, an iconic Minnesota Twin known for his prodigious home runs and humble demeanor, passed away Tuesday morning at his Scottsdale, Ariz., home at the age of 74 after a nearly five-month battle with esophageal cancer.

I’m sure it’s urban myth, but a favorite back home is the story of a reporter speaking with Killer during the height of the steroids controversy.  The young man asked Killebrew how many home runs he could hit if he were playing today?  Killebrew kinda looked past the reporter, pondered the question for a second, sighed and said, “Well, I think I could hit 15, probably a few more if I was lucky.”

“15!?!”,  responded the reporter?  “Only 15?  Are the pitchers that tough today?  You just don’t think you could hit ’em?”

Killer kinda grinned at the reporter “Son, theyre no tougher today than when I was YOUR age.  But you have to know, I’m 65!”


RIP Mr. Killebrew

Family: Why I Do WHat I DO

I do a lot of things.

I like to think I’m busy; my wife would like me too think I should be busier.

Sometimes I get run down and worn out.

This should be my antidote:

Pretty cool!


Credit to my buddy Ed Galore.

Check this out:

Make your own.  Form the comments:

Materials don’t matter, but you have to make it so you are able to adjust the lengths of each pendulum precisely. Our longest pendulum completes 51 swings in one minute. The next one 52 swings in one minute. Etc etc. The 15th one 65 swings in one minute. You can choose any numbers (and time) you wish. The important thing is that they all have executed an integral number of swings in whatever time you decide. That’s when they come together again and start the cycle over.

Time Well Spent

Folks, I lean Right, to the point of tipping maybe.  I certainly deserve that description.  Most of the content here is a critique of the thoughts, actions and policies of the Left.  I mostly abhor the nanny state and all that goes with it; entitlements and political correctness and “this in the name of fairness”.

I don’t hammer the Right enough, however.

With that said, I discovered a group of bloggers over at Poison Your Mind.

While they lean Left I find their tendencies more compelling.  They carry well thought out positions and, more important in the blogosphere, they are able to convey them with well written out posts and comments.

Go check ’em out!

Where Is Pino?

I’ve been traveling as of late.  Work has been especially demanding these last few weeks and I’m adjusting to a new schedule and responsibilities.

On the upside, a colleague of mine that I met on a recent trip commented that he thought I looked like this:

I’ll take Armand Assante as Odysseus any day.

My wife would disagree.