So, I just jumped to my local Raleigh news feed, WRAL, here in Raleigh to see what’s going on.

The first three headlines:

  • Two shot along Fayetteville’s Raeford Road
  • Motorcyclist killed in Clayton wreck
  • Rip currents blamed for three drowning deaths on NC coast

That’s 3 headlines, 6 deaths.

The next headline?

  • Son doesn’t blame driver charged in triple fatal I-40 crash

Lord.  THAT accident lead to three more deaths.

And after THAt, we get this:

  • Toddler killed in Wake County house fire

Holy shit.

You wanna know why people aren’t reading the news anymore?  ‘Cause they write about stories about headlines.  I’m not sayin’ that the lives of those folks taken too early aren’t meaningful and important.  Clearly they are.  However, the fact that these is literally NOTHING else to red between these stories leads me to think these journalists, HAHAHA, are just ‘effin’ lazy.

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