Time Well Spent

Folks, I lean Right, to the point of tipping maybe.  I certainly deserve that description.  Most of the content here is a critique of the thoughts, actions and policies of the Left.  I mostly abhor the nanny state and all that goes with it; entitlements and political correctness and “this in the name of fairness”.

I don’t hammer the Right enough, however.

With that said, I discovered a group of bloggers over at Poison Your Mind.

While they lean Left I find their tendencies more compelling.  They carry well thought out positions and, more important in the blogosphere, they are able to convey them with well written out posts and comments.

Go check ’em out!

3 responses to “Time Well Spent

  1. Goddamn republicans.

    Wait, no, that’s not what I meant!

    We’ve been having fun getting to spar with you and rationalrepublican. It helps us all formulate our thoughts better, and we all know we’re better off being challenged.

    Here’s to long, bitchy, but well-meaning arguments for a long time to come!


  2. Thanks for this post, pino.

    No one thinks that the goal of political discussions should be that everyone agrees with everyone else in the end. Making honest arguments, based on demonstrated facts, with people of different views hopefully helps clarify the issues and our own views. Thanks for engaging in that discussion, here and at our blog.

  3. No problem guys.

    I enjoy your place; hope you enjoy mine.

    Beer and bourbon around!

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