OWS and North Carolina

The movement has been active for nearly 2 months now.  We still don’t know what they want, but we know they’re mad.  We know who they’re mad at, but we don’t know what they’d do different if the they were the they.

Some of us resonate with some of the anger:

  • Bank bailouts
  • Auto industry restructure
  • Government involvement in causing the housing crisis

The difference between the 53% and the 99%, however, is that we’re out there gettin’er done day in and day out.  And when we ain’t doin’ what we do, when we DO decide to petition our government, we are clear in our goals, we make those goals known and then we go home.

Anyway, what does North Carolina think of the Occupy movement:

Of those familiar with Occupy Wall Street, 45 percent hold an unfavorable opinion of the movement, and the same number reported a favorable opinion. Thirty-two percent of respondents consider themselves supporters of the movement, and 26 percent consider themselves opponents.

I’d say it’s evenly split.

And for my own prediction?  I’ll go on the record to say that this number will continue to fall.  It’ll fall until the movement collapses and they’ll be no more movement.

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