Music And The Arts

I openly mock people who pursue degrees and careers in the soft sciences the Liberal Arts.  And Music and Art is no exception.  However, in no other discipline, Mathematics excepted, am I moved to tears as I am by music.

I am simply stunned and aware when I encounter grace such as this:

I wept.

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  1. I’ll reserve comment on your attitudes about studying the arts – which I beleive to be an essential ingredient of any society . . . but it’s a good thing he could find some Master Classes to audit (ahem).

    Anyway, pino, thanks for this one. This is his performance in the finals – just look at the change in his face and his eyes. He’s smiling when he sings – he knows he’s broken through into a better life. It’s also an exquisite performance. Here:

  2. Ryan Patrick Grace

    Don’t make fun of liberal arts. My graduate degree in 14th century Italian Lit has gotten me far.
    I raise you this, you will not weep.

  3. Amazing talent! Makes one (almost?) believe in the divine… 😉

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