Dirty Rotten No Good Unions

And I don’t like ’em very much either.

Greece and California aren’t the only governments in a world of hurt because of the power of Unions.  New York is getting hammered too.

New York is next in line for sever economic hardship.  And they don’t have to be.  Clearly, New York is the center of the nation and even can be considered the hottest spot in the world.  And for some reason, they are sliding down a path of destruction.

The latest news coming from the Big [but getting smaller] Apple is:

Mayor Bloomberg has already allocated $7.4 billion to fund the city’s five pension systems next year, up a worrisome 13 percent from the $6.6 billion being spent this year. When Bloomberg took office in 2002, taxpayers contributed just $1.3 billion toward the pensions of city workers.

But officials had to reserve the additional $600 million because the city’s actuary, Robert North Jr., is completing an analysis of an “experience study” that will almost certainly show retirees are living longer.

And how are these Union thugs able to pry this money from the people of New York?

“This is the reality of having a system controlled by the Legislature that mandates what the city should spend,” he said.

Although city taxpayers have to pick up the bill, it’s the state Legislature that dictates the level of pension benefits.

So, big government Leftists are able to elect State Legislatures who then pass laws forcing the cities to pay these pensions.


2 responses to “Dirty Rotten No Good Unions

  1. Eduardo Carranza

    I’m commenting on Union’s I really don’t know much about them and after being part of one for 5 years I still don’t. I had a problem with my employer and I was not at fault but the union was no help what so ever they never contacted me never help the only thing they told me was it would be better if i just resigned. I had many issues in 5 years but none of them were ever resolved they only thing the union was good for was to take those dues out every pay check.

    • I’m commenting on Union’s I really don’t know much about them and after being part of one for 5 years I still don’t.

      Hi Eduardo,

      Unions are like any other group; they look out for themselves. And as long as you continue to pay the dues, they’ll let you be part of the group.

      My suggestion, try and find work at a non-union shop and keep the dues money for yourself. You’ll find that the rewards given to you for hard work are vastly more valuable than any sort of belief that the Union will take care of you.

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