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Election 2020 – Pino’s Take

Well, it’s over. The great Biden Trump heavy weight bought has come and gone and Biden will be the next President of the United States of America – followed closely by Kamala as Biden is replaced within a year and a half. Going in, I was sure that we were gonna see a blue wave. I’m proud to report that we saw barely a ripple.

While Biden is gonna win his win is much less telling than we all thought it gonna be. There is no mandate. There is no massive shift. In ideology or makeup of the institutions. The House came back to the republicans enough that Pelosi may lose her gavel and the Senate remains firmly in the hands of Cocaine Mitch.

Here in Carolina the republicans retain control of the government even while Cooper will get 4 more years. This as we elect the first black Lt Governor in the state with the Republican Robinson.

So, I’m mixed on Trump. He’s a repulsive human being but he governed as a true conservative – mostly.

And now that we have a democrat in office, covid is cured.


Liberals, Charity And Consistency – Example 2,482,893

Biden Laughing

So, Obama released his 2012 tax filing Friday.  Guess what?

President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama reported an adjusted gross income of $608,611 for 2012 and paid an 18.4 percent income tax rate.


Anyway, the best part is yet to come:

[O]n June 25 of last year, the Bidens gave ‘Clothing, Boots, Kitchenware, Glassware’ totaling $400 to Goodwill,” the report notes. “Earlier, on May 16, the Bidens gave ‘Furniture and Exercise Equipment’ valued at $1,100 to the Ministry of Caring. And on May 27 of last year, the Bidens gave ‘Bicycles, Toys, Glasses, Pottery, Kitchenware’ valued at $500 to the same Goodwill.

Blink.  Blink.

This piece of garbage, “paying your taxes is patriotic”, next in line to be leader of the free world, donated less than 2% of his income to charity, and of THAT amount, 25% of it was in the form of unwanted shit laying around the house.

Seriously, who itemizes bikes, toys, glasses — GLASSES?!?!?!, pottery and kitchenware when they drop-off at the Goodwill?

Are you kidding me?

But hey, maybe I should go easy on the guy, after all, how is expected to survive collecting $29,761 in Social Security payments.

I would say that Biden is following my theory that the reason liberals are so tight in their personal charity is that they view taxation as charity.  However, a Biden and The Barckness Monster prove, they don’t even like paying taxes at a rate equal to that of Buffet’s secretary!

Joe Biden: Personal Wealth

Joe Biden

Second only to democrats coming out in support of gay marriage, all the rage in Washington is for officials to take a pay cut in support of government officials who may face a furlough.

Obama and several other cabinet members rushed this week to day they would turn back some of their salary to the U.S. Treasury as a gesture of solidarity with federal workers facing furloughs. So far, Secretary of State John Kerry, Attorney General Eric Holder, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew, and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano have all said publicly that they would be giving back portions of their $200,000 salaries.

A nice gesture, I have to admit.  Something that I think helps in regards to the optics of the whole situation.  However, Joe Biden isn’t all in, yet:

Others, like Biden, have said they will return a portion commiserate with the number of days their department’s employees are furloughed.

But Biden’s decision not to follow Obama’s lead and return a flat portion of his salary — and the possibility that nobody on the vice president’s staff will be furloughed — has already prompted speculation in the media that Biden was looking to sidestep the pay cut.

I think that there are two reasons for Biden holding onto his money – actually three:

  1. He’s a democrat.  And democrats don’t like to part with their money for charitable reasons.
  2. He rightly thinks that he’s earned the money and has a right to keep it.
  3. He doesn’t have a lot of money and so a $11k cut would hurt.

Actually, I suspect all three reasons contribute to Biden’s reluctance to subject himself to a voluntary tax, but The Hill takes the high road and points out that Joe isn’t independently wealthy:

Unlike some members of the Obama Cabinet, he is not independently wealthy.

Obama’s net worth is estimated at between $3 million and $8 million and Secretary of State John Kerry’s wealth is in the range of $200 million according to The Hill’s “50 wealthiest lawmakers: list.

Biden’s net worth in comparison, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, is around $230,000, an amount roughly equivalent to his annual salary.

When I first read that this afternoon I kinda nodded and was like, “yeah, that makes sense.  He should be expected to give up 5% of his net wealth in a show of support.”  However, it then hit me, how does a senator who makes north of $150,000 a year, and now a Vice President who makes north of $220,000 have a net worth of only $230,000?

How is that possible?

If this is true, it means that the Vice-President of The United States of America is almost living hand to mouth.


Biden And Ryan – Vice Presidential Debate

I have to admit that I tuned into the debate late; I was watching the football game and only was able to play catch up.  Additionally, I admit to being a member of the “Ryan is going to kick his ass” club after the Romney-Obama debate last week.

That said.  Here Goes.

Biden won.

The take away from the Presidential debate was that Obama didn’t call out Romney on perceived lies and that he didn’t exert himself in regards to the moderator.  Further, I get the feeling that folks didn’t think that Obama “spoke to them.”

Biden delivered on all accounts.  Joe was aggressive, he called bullshit when he saw it [right or wrong] and he drove the conversation.  Further, it is clear, starkly clear, that Biden has two advantages over Ryan:

  1. He is incredibly more comfortable in the rough and tumble debate format than Ryan.
  2. His foreign policy experience dwarfs Ryan’s.

Obama was criticized for letting Romney control the conversation, for “lying” and for being less than aggressive.  Biden rang the bell on all counts.

I think people will resonate with that.

With that said, Biden looked like a fool; he was openly laughing and smirking the entire time.  He played the part of the ass.  It turned me off, but the rest of the folks?  We’ll see.

My prediction?

Biden by 5 points.

Joe Biden And Chains

I’ve been ignoring the Joe Biden “chain” comments.  It seems silly.  These guys makes speech after speech after speech.

Maybe we can cut ’em a break.

I didn’t know what Biden was trying to say.  I don’t know what he WASN’T trying to say.  I simply didn’t think that the democrats were trying to make the case that the republicans were racists.

Then I happened to hear the comments:

Dood.  Biden slipped into the cadence.  He took a whole new tone and accent.  His arms raised as if he were a preacher.  His pause is reminiscent of a preacher.

He meant chains in the sense that in the past, white people used chains to control black slaves.

He had the tone, the timber, the cadence and the theatrics.

He’s using race to forward his political ends.  And that’s bigotry.

Joe Biden Is A Cheapskate


I just mentioned that President Obama is a liar.  He claims to want to pay higher taxes, yet, when given the opportunity, he doesn’t.  Rather he chooses to shelter his money and keep what he can.  In fact, Obama pays less in taxes than does his secretary.


Now we find out that his Veep, Joseph Biden, is a cheapskate.

The vice president’s effective federal tax rate is 23.2%. The Bidens gave $5,540 to charity, a little less than 2% of income.

TWO percent of the Vice President of the United State’s income went to charity.

And the left has the balls to claim that conservative republicans don’t care about the poor, about kids, about education and the downtrodden.

On the other hand, perhaps we can defend Mr. Biden for stretching his pennies into copper wire.  See, the Liberal doesn’t see taxation as confiscation.  Rather, the liberal sees taxation AS CHARITY!  They feel that by legislating laws that force people to pay for their charity of choice that they have somehow acted in a moral manner.

Beware the Leftist who is willing to spend YOUR money in the name of his charity.