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Joe Biden And Chains

I’ve been ignoring the Joe Biden “chain” comments.  It seems silly.  These guys makes speech after speech after speech.

Maybe we can cut ’em a break.

I didn’t know what Biden was trying to say.  I don’t know what he WASN’T trying to say.  I simply didn’t think that the democrats were trying to make the case that the republicans were racists.

Then I happened to hear the comments:

Dood.  Biden slipped into the cadence.  He took a whole new tone and accent.  His arms raised as if he were a preacher.  His pause is reminiscent of a preacher.

He meant chains in the sense that in the past, white people used chains to control black slaves.

He had the tone, the timber, the cadence and the theatrics.

He’s using race to forward his political ends.  And that’s bigotry.