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Why Capitalism Is Good

Wal MartSo much is said regarding ‘greed’ and ‘corporations’.  Let’s not forget that until the advent of free trade and individual property rights – the common peasant was destined to farm the same land with the same tools as their ancestors.

The benefits of free trade:

NEW YORK (MarketWatch) — Wal-Mart Stores Inc. pushed down prices for some generic prescription drugs to just $4 eight years ago, setting a new industry standard. Now it is trying to do the same for seeing a doctor.

On Friday, a Walmart Care Clinic opened in Dalton, Ga., six months after Walmart U.S., the retailer’s WMT, +0.27%   biggest unit, entered the business of providing primary health care. It now operates a dozen clinics in rural Texas, South Carolina and Georgia and has increased its target for openings this year to 17.

An office visit costs $40, which Walmart U.S. says is about half the industry standard, and just $4 for Walmart U.S. employees and family members with the company’s insurance. A pregnancy test costs just $3, and a cholesterol test $8. A typical retail clinic offers acute care only. But a Walmart Care Clinic also treats chronic conditions such as diabetes. (Walmart U.S. also leases space in its stores to 94 clinics owned by others that set their own pricing.)

“It was very important to us that we establish a retail price in the health-care industry because price leadership matters to us,” said Jennifer LaPerre, a Walmart U.S. senior director responsible for health and wellness, in an interview.

Health Care is just another commodity that, when subjected to the free market, will bend to the advantage of the consumer.

Health Care: Market Style [Literally]

Are they waiting for bread or medicine?

So, I needed some bread the other day.  I dressed in my best thermal and made my way down to the local state run community bread line.  With luck I’d be able to get half a loaf of 5 day old bread 3 days early.  Times is tough in the state ya know.

Actually, because food isn’t either:

  1. Distributed by the state
  2. Used as means of compensation

I went to my local for profit market driven food market.

In addition to my fresh bread, I bought wine from California, Champagne from France, beer from Seattle and Saki from Japan.

Olive oil from Italy.  Chocolate from Switzerland.  Blueberries from Chili.  Bananas from India.  And fresh organic tomatoes from right here in North Carolina.

But the MOST amazing thing I saw in my fresh daily market just 1.5 miles up the road?

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One Minus One Does Not Equal Zero

Long long ago mothers used to tell their kids stories that would frighten them into behaving.  Monsters roamed the forests.  Trolls loomed under stone bridges.  Mostly it worked.

Then us kids invented the internet and we googled monsters, trolls and mothers.

Turns out it was all a lie.  A lie invented to trick us into acting a certain way.

Mothers may have learned that we don’t react in the same way.  Liberals haven’t.

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Trade, the exchange of goods and services, makes all people wealthier.  It always has.  And as long as personal liberties are enforced, it always will.

Consider how we normally trade; money for goods.

This weekend my young nephew was in town and the kids wanted to play Wii.  We only had one controller so I needed another.  Out to the store I went.

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