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Health Care: Market Style [Literally]

Are they waiting for bread or medicine?

So, I needed some bread the other day.  I dressed in my best thermal and made my way down to the local state run community bread line.  With luck I’d be able to get half a loaf of 5 day old bread 3 days early.  Times is tough in the state ya know.

Actually, because food isn’t either:

  1. Distributed by the state
  2. Used as means of compensation

I went to my local for profit market driven food market.

In addition to my fresh bread, I bought wine from California, Champagne from France, beer from Seattle and Saki from Japan.

Olive oil from Italy.  Chocolate from Switzerland.  Blueberries from Chili.  Bananas from India.  And fresh organic tomatoes from right here in North Carolina.

But the MOST amazing thing I saw in my fresh daily market just 1.5 miles up the road?

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