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Two Big Democratic Seats Could Be In Trouble

I’ve been tracking the Senate races here.  Many races are tight, some are blow-outs.  But it sure has been fun to watch.

Through it all, I have been sure that California and Wisconsin would hold serve for the Democrats.  Barbara Boxer in California is wildly popular as is Feingold in Wisconsin.

However, things might be changin’!

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Senate Race 2010: VI

Almost every state has completed it’s primary.  The contestants are well understood.  Some folks are calling for a switch in both chambers.  While I’m not following the House elections, I just don’t see it in the Senate.

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Senate Race 2010: V

Tonight looks like a good night to update some of the races.

Let’s look at the first group; Retiring Democrats

State Inc Party R-Candidate D-Candidate Leader Spread
CT D McMahon Blumenthol D 22
DE D Castle Open R 20
IL D Kirk Giannoulias R 5
ND D Hoevan Open R 24
IN D Coats Ellsworth R 12

I have moved the Indiana race to retiring Democrats; Mr. Bayh retired.  Not much has changed since last time I posted except that McMahon has slipped and Castle has surged.

Based on this and restarting the count we have the Republicans gaining 4 seats.

Score:  Democrats 55 Republicans 45

Not bad.

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Senate Race 2010: IV

Some time I ago I ran a series on the Senate Races.  There are 4 categories.  They are:

  1. Retiring Democrats
  2. Retiring Republicans
  3. Democratic Term
  4. Republican Term

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Senate Race 2010: IV

This just in.  The race in Indiana has just gotten silly:

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Senate Race 2010: III

I have covered the open seats.  Those currently held by Democrats and those held by Republicans.  So far, I have it D-57 and R-43.

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More Senate Races

I have already introduced the races where there is a Democrat retiring.  This morning I’ll introduce the retiring Republican seats.

There are 5, 1 more than retiring Democrats.  [Technically they count the MA Senate race as a retirement, but since it has already been run and won, I won’t be counting that here].

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Senate Races

It is going to be an interesting election cycle culminating with the mid term elections in November.  Following up on my new found interest in politics that began with the dual primary race for the 08 Presidential election, I am going to watch these Senate races with interest.

An introduction:

Right now there are 36 seats in play.  This includes incumbents and Senators who are retiring.

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