I Hate Unions

There are a number of things wrong with Unions.  They reduce jobs.  They price out the under skilled of a job.  They make products more expensive.  They force restrictive trade agreements.  Really, there’s no end to the nastiness they elicit.

But the story of the retired Marine being forced to join a Union is a perfect example to illustrate just how ugly I think they are.

Maj. Stephen Godin has a job.  He’s been workin’ that job for 14 years now.  Never a problem.  But….now the Union has decided it wants the good Maj. to pay up:

A retired U.S. Marine who runs a Massachusetts high school’s ROTC program says he faces termination if he doesn’t pay a $500 union fee by next week…

How can the North High School in Worcester, Mass force Godin to do this?  By fiat:

An official with the Massachusetts Teachers Association said state law requires public employees — including teachers at public schools — to join unions as a condition of employment or to pay an agency fee.

THAT’S the part that gets me.  State Law Requires!

The insiduous nature of Unions is that they infest themselves in the laws of the land.  Here, the State of Mass. requires all public employees to join a Union.  As a matter of employment.

Look, I have no trouble if you and a bunch of McWorkers wanna McBand together and tell your McBoss that ya’ll wanna McRaise or you’ll McLeave.  No problem with that at all.  But to mandate that by law.  THAT’S destructive.

Okay, so that’s the first and second issues; The school has a Union and State law requires he join.

The last part is the WHOLE reason modern day Unions exit:

Unions spent an estimated $10 million to try to defeat Lincoln, who defied a U.S. anti-incumbent wave and held off a strong challenge from Arkansas’ lieutenant governor, Bill Halter, on Tuesday.

Didja’ see that?




The Union, funded by Union dues from it’s members, uses it’s money to win [in this case lose HAHAHA] elections.

Again, if you and your pals wanna band together and voluntarily contribute to a cause or candidate; good on ya!  But when a State, an ENTIRE STATE, will hire ONLY Union employees AND requires them to pay dues?  Out of Bounds.

I hate Unions!

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