Sometimes Discrimination is Okay With Me

I stand pretty much with Rand Paul on the Civil Rights thang.  I think that the government should create laws that make it illegal for the government to discriminate on all the things that we currently list.  However, I do NOT think that the government should be able to restrict the individual Liberty of a private business owner.

That’s NOT to say that I would discriminate personally.  I think it’s reprehensible.  And, from a business stand point, a horrible decision.

But.  There are certain times when I think discrimination is okay.

Like this one:

It’s a bastion of bar culture: “Ladies’ Night,” staged to attract female customers by cutting their drink prices and cover charges.

It’s also illegal gender discrimination, according to the Minnesota Department of Human Rights.

I wanna go on record that as a younger man, I was very grateful for any and all efforts to gather as many young ladies in one place as possible.

And THIS guy:

In 1994, Gators, a now-defunct Mall of America club, resolved a human rights case by paying less than $500 to Steve Horner of Apple Valley. He had complained of having to pay a cover charge on ladies’ night, and the department said the club discriminated against him.

WHAT is he thinkin’?

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