Starving Artist's Health Care

Okay, so that whole Pelosi-artist-health care thing.  It’s been at me all day long.  Who in the world can claim that society must work and labor in order to provide for the life of another who chooses a profession that doesn’t provide for themselves?

So, today I am officially announcing.  Today, The Ides of March, I am making myself eligible for the NBA draft.  In order to focus on the skills required to market myself within the current labor force, I have quit my productive and family sustaining job.

See, I LOVE basketball.  I have always wanted to be a basketball player.  It’s in my blood.   It is my DESTINY.

In anticipation of the almost certain lack of my marketability in my new profession, I realize that I am going to require sustenance while I continue to work in a field where no one wants what I am producing.  To that end I am asking the government to tax the rest of society so that I may engage in my attempt to chase my dream.

Oh, in my research, I have concluded that the NBA is discriminatory.  Not one player on any active team is either over 40 OR shorter than 5’10”.  And I am BOTH!  I have retained a lawyer to help me end this totally discriminatory practice.  Of course I’ll not be able to pay for that representation; thank goodness for the ACLU.

Society measure what it values by trading value for like value.  In order that we can “speak the same language” we use the concept of money as a promise that what I produce will be traded for what YOU produce.  If someone insists on living a life in a way that society doesn’t value that production [notice I said production and NOT life] then I see no reason for society to have to foot the bill.

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