Happy Birthday . Net

Hard to believe that time flies so quickly.  They’re no sooner crawling and already they want the keys to the car.  My my, it seems only yesterday that the Internet was brought home from the hospital.

Today the Internet turns 25 years old.

On March 15, 1985, a Massachusetts computer systems firm registered the first .com Internet domain name.

Although Symbolics.com didn’t spark an instant gold rush, the event planted the first seed of a transformation that has changed the world into a Web-fueled digital river of news, commerce and social interaction.

Today, exactly 25 years later, life B.C – Before .Com – is already a distant memory…

Imagine life today without the internet.  Hell, imagine life today without the internet ON YOUR PHONE!  I remember going to Mankato as a child.  The family would go to the mall and we’d agree to meet at Don’s Hobby at 3:45.  If no one is there, wait 10 minutes and go to the arcade.

Amazing times.

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