OJT: On the Job Training

Barack Obama.

You know it’s bad when the far left begins to give you economic advice:

Liberal Democratic lawmakers, including the Congressional Black Caucus, are unhappy with the Obama administration’s pace of efforts tackling the unemployment rate, which is a whopping 10.2 percent and expected to rise.

The CBC, in particular, say Obama officials have not done enough to address the severe economic problems in the black community. Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif, reportedly issued a warning Wednesday that the 43 members of the caucus are planning to vote with the GOP to derail a number of Democratic bills if it isn’t addressed.

However bad it is for Obama this, at least, is encouraging:

Labor support is more in favor of funding labor projects, in terms of public works, putting more money into the states and cities but the White House is concerned about the deficit.


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