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Brad and Britt: Pre-existing Conditions

I was listening to the Brad and Britt Show last week and they were discussing the proposed changes to North Carolina public employee’s health insurance payments. Currently the State pays 100% of the health care premiums for its employees.  The new proposal would require employees to contribute $11 per month this year and then $22 per month next year.

Further, premiums would be subject to individual conditions as it relates to weight and smoking habits of those employees.  For example, if an individual was over weight, they may find that their premium would be higher than their svelte co-worker.  Similar to that concept is the idea of determining the premium based upon  smoking habits.  A smoker would face a higher premium than a non-smoker.

Given the Left-leaning tendancies of our hosts, I felt for sure that they would be against such discrimination.

I was pleasantly surprised.

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It’s Not the Teachers – It’s the Unions

I guess I’m guilty.  I often use the worst behavior of the occasional bore to define a group.  I search out debate and I invite debate.  As in everything in life, there is a bottom 10%.

I often, in conversation with my close conservative friends, refer to Liberals as Libtards.  It’s impolite and kinda reduces me to the level of folk that I’m teasing, but part of the humor is the irony of that.


You know when you debate a liberal and you just have to stand back in awe of his inability to discern reality from tribalism?

Check this out.

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