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Drilling For Oil And The Price Of Oil

The price of gas continues to go up.  And I’m pretty sure it’ll continue to go up until just after Memorial Day.  For some reason I think I remember hearing that Memorial Day is traditionally considered the height of seasonal highs of gas prices; I dunno.  I guess I could look:

Typically, prices peak in the summer months, or around Memorial Day, as has been the case in 2010 and 2011

[ I love the internet ]

So we have about 2 more months to look forward to rising prices at the pump.  Other than this causing Obama extreme discomfort, this sucks.  It hurts people directly and indirectly; things that depend on the price of gas are going up as well.

So we all wanna know what we can do.  And the biggest call from the Right is for the administration to increase drilling.

But would it help?

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When They Say “The Do Nothing Congress” Remember They Are Talking About Democrats

The price of gas is goin’ nuts.  Jobs are only barely beginning to come back.  We need help in both arenas.  We need more and more stable sources of oil.  We need to reduce the amount of oil that we obtain from unstable sources and increase the amount of oil that we obtain from stable ones.

We need to rely on Canada, on Mexico.  We need to rely more on ourselves.

And when we can accomplish that with the added benefit of creating jobs, all the better.

But the DNC won’t allow it.

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