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When They Say “The Do Nothing Congress” Remember They Are Talking About Democrats

The price of gas is goin’ nuts.  Jobs are only barely beginning to come back.  We need help in both arenas.  We need more and more stable sources of oil.  We need to reduce the amount of oil that we obtain from unstable sources and increase the amount of oil that we obtain from stable ones.

We need to rely on Canada, on Mexico.  We need to rely more on ourselves.

And when we can accomplish that with the added benefit of creating jobs, all the better.

But the DNC won’t allow it.

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The Price Of Gas: What Can We Do

Obama is faced with rising gasoline prices.  And as we head into an election year he is going to be asked what he’s gonna do about it.  His answer, I suspect, is that there is little a President can do to influence the price of gasoline.  The market dictates the price and that market is fed by the forces of supply and demand.

And, because it IS an election year, he’s going to demonize the “oil speculators” and claim that they are getting rich while the middle class is getting hammered.  Count on it.

But is that the real story?  Is it fair to let Obama skate on this issue so easily?


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