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Quid pro Quo

For every decision there is a consequence.

Every action, they say an equal but opposite reaction.  Not acting is, in a way, a decision.

I wonder how the Left feels about military assistance now?

AJDABIYAH, Libya — Moammar Gadhafi’s jets bombed Libyan rebel strongholds on Monday, aiding a counter-offensive that has pushed insurgents 100 miles eastward in a week…

Behind rebel lines, Libyan planes bombed Ajdabiyah on Monday, the only sizeable town between Brega and the rebel stronghold of Benghazi. From Ajdabiyah there are roads to Benghazi and to Tobruk to the east, which could allow Gadhafi’s troops to encircle Benghazi.

An indication on how far to the left the US has moved?

France pressed for a no-fly zone “as fast as possible.”

France.  France is calling for a stronger military action than we are.

And what happens as we continue to allow this to continue?

There is now a very real possibility that by the time world powers agree on a response to the conflict in Libya, Gadhafi’s forces may already have won.

Look.  I’m all for lettin’ the world burn.  And I’l all for steppin’ in a helpin’ out.  But either way, we’re ALL in or ALL out.

Just sayin’.