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Wealth Inequality In America

income disparity

The Youtube video is viral, you have to have seen it.  I’ve seen it posted at least a dozen times.  The one about wealth inequal — yeah, you saw the title.

Anyway, listen to what the narrator says at about minute 1:40 through 2:30

The money line is at 2:25

And let’s distribute it, among our 100 Americans.  Well-here’s socialism; all the wealth of the country distributed equally.

Now, for a long time I’ve noticed that the left has critiqued the right for the incorrect use of the term “socialism”.  And I’ve largely agreed with them that the term has been used incorrectly.  The argument that they haven’t been able to identify a word that means “redistribution of wealth” doesn’t change the fact that socialism really means the state ownership of production.

But this is the first time I can remember an actor of the left using the term in the way someone from the right would.


Obamacare Is Here

health care

I saw an article that democrats no longer feel that Obamacare can effectively be used against them as a weapon.  In essence, the law is here to stay and it is what it is.

I wonder if folks working at CVS knew what was in store:

In the wake of the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, CVS is telling its employees they need to reveal their height, weight, body fat percent and other personal information for health insurance purposes.

The Rhode Island-based company, which employs around 200,000 individuals, is telling workers who use its health insurance they need to have a wellness review done — or pay up.

The idea is to incentivize healthy living. CVS says the idea is nothing new.

“The idea of an employee wellness plan is perfectly legal under the ADA. Courts held up these plans,” said Joshua Kersey, a Tampa labor attorney. He says with “Obamacare” looming in 2014, practices like this wellness review are likely to become more common, because a lot of employers are expecting to pay more for their workers’ health insurance.

“The more money it’s going to save the employer, the more incentive the employer has to affect these types of programs,” he said.

In CVS’s case, workers not comfortable getting the review done will have to pay a $600 annual penalty.

Subject yourself to the wellness plan or face $600 in penalties.

This is the face of “free” healthcare.

The French, The French Are Here!


Last year France continued its tradition of insane statist ways by announcing intentions to ban homework in its schools.  The reason?

The justification for this proposed ban? Inequality. According to a statement from an official at the French Embassy, “When it comes to homework, the President said it should be done during school hours rather than at home, in order to establish equal opportunities.” Homework favors the wealthy, Hollande argues, because they are more likely to have a good working environment at home, including parents with the time and energy to help them with their work.


Homework favors the wealthy.

My gawd!

At the time, I sent this to a buddy of mine and he mentioned, “Thank goodness that’ll never happen here in America.”

I pointed out that it does happen here in America, for example, take health care.  To his credit he walked away 😉

But now it HAS happened in America:

IPSWICH, Mass. ( – An Ipswich principal is in hot water with some parents after he reportedly canceled the middle school’s Honors Night.

David Fabrizio, principal of Ipswich Middle School, notified parents of his plan to eliminate the school’s Honors Night last week.

“The Honors Night, which can be a great sense of pride for the recipients’ families, can also be devastating to a child who has worked extremely hard in a difficult class but who, despite growth, has not been able to maintain a high grade point average,” Fabrizio penned in his first letter to parents.

Fabrizio also said he decided to make the change because academic success can be influenced by the amount of support a student receives at home and not all students receive the same level of emotional and academic support at home.

Success is influenced by the amount of support a student receives at home…

Beware the French, before you know it they’ll teach us how to surrender.

How The Old North State Feels About Gun Regulation

Gun Control.Elon.2013.02.24

I live in North Carolina and this surprised me.  I would have thought the banning of weapons would have polled lower.  The waiting periods and background checks…?  I’m less surprised by.  They are good ideas.

See the poll here.

Grading Teachers

Teacher Evaluations

Compensation comes in many forms.  For example, I enjoy a matching 401k.  Additionally, I enjoy paid vacation.  Others, I’m sure, enjoy discounted airline tickets, free soda or “beer Fridays”.  There’s all kinds of way to compensate people.

One particularly attractive form of compensation would be freedom from evaluation.  Which, of course, leads to freedom from being fired.  This is part of the compensation package typically enjoyed by teachers compliments of the teacher’s unions backed by democrats.  See, unions have a natural organization, forced enrollment and mandatory dues which are then funneled to the election of said democrats.

None of this is a secret or disputed.

Imagine my surprise when I saw this piece of legislation proposed by the democrats in Minnesota:

Minnesota’s Senate Education Committee is considering a bill to prohibit schools from placing a student in a classroom led by a teacher deemed unsatisfactory under state standards, if that student had one the previous year.

The hearing is scheduled for Thursday afternoon. Supporters argue that students in classes led by ineffective teachers are at greater risk of falling behind their peers. It’s the latest in a series of bills at the Capitol focused on teacher effectiveness.

Democrats are sponsoring the bill in both the Senate and House. That could improve its chances with Democrats in the majority, although bills that make big changes to policies affecting teachers often face heavy opposition.

Not perfect, to be sure.  If I had my druthers, we’d fire poor performing teachers, hire more good ones and pay the best of them six figures.

North Carolina – Gay Marriage

Gay Rights

Marriage.  I think the word has two different meanings.  One speaks to the personal and spiritual belief in the institution.  The other is nothing more than a contract between two individuals as recognized by the state.

Independent of one’s view of the spiritual meaning of the act of marriage, it is clear to me that the institution as recognized by the sate should view the union only as a contract; independent of religion or sex.

To that end, a church in North Carolina, after seeing the state vote in favor of a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage by 61% of the vote, has decided that it will no longer perform marriage services for anyone until gay marriage is recognized by the state of North Carolina.

John Hinton/Winston-Salem Journal

Green Street United Methodist Church in Winston-Salem says it won’t conduct marriages for heterosexual couples until United Methodist pastors are allowed to officiate at marriages for same-sex couples.

The church’s 18-member leadership council is asking pastors to conduct relationship blessings rather than marriage ceremonies in the sanctuary until the United Methodist Church changes its policies, according to a statement by Equality NC, a statewide organization working to secure equal rights and justice for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender residents.

And the church isn’t just saying that they view the state recognize same sex marriages as legitimate contracts, rather they are going a step further:

In a statement on its website, church officials declared that committed same-sex relationships are “no less sacred” as heterosexual unions.

Good for them!

Tarheel Runs

2013.Tobacco Road.Finish

Yesterday I ran – and finished – the Tobacco Road Half Marathon here in Raleigh.  Great times!

Last year I had hoped to run the full marathon but thought better of it.  This year I signed up for the half.

Advice if you wanna run either a half or a full marathon:

1.  Train

2.  See #1

I’m pretty busy and I let the training slide almost completely.  However, about 1-2 weeks before the race I started seeing behavior in my son that I wasn’t real keen on; not following through on goals, not competing at high levels and stuff like that.  So I felt that in order to make a statement to this little dude, I should run, finish and sing the praises of the value of a “Finisher’s Medal”.

So, I crash trained for 5 days.  The results were predictable.

Severe pain, agony and humiliation; a great number of people beat me who I had no business losing to.  However, I did mange to crack a sub-3 hour time AND bring home the hardware.  My son was duly impressed – we’ll see if it worked.

Anyway, bring on The City of Oaks!

Personal Conviction

Rob Portman

At then end of the day, in today’s political atmosphere we’ve gotta take what we can get.  And, when the taking is the right thing from the get go, perhaps even the better.  But it would have been nice if we could have come to this conclusion without having to experience what love means first had:

CINCINNATI –  Republican U.S. Sen. Rob Portman said Thursday that he now supports gay marriage because one of his sons is gay.

Ohio’s junior senator made the disclosure during an interview in Washington, The Cincinnati Enquirer reported.

“It’s a change of heart from the position of a father,” he told three reporters during the 45-minute session in his office. “I think we should be allowing gay couples the joy and stability of marriage.”

I’m not so sure that this signals a tipping point in the GOP, after all, Cheney supports gay marriage, but I could be wrong; this could be the beginning of the thaw.

If only Mr. Portman could have arrived at this conclusion under different circumstances.

Religion In The State


My take on the separation of church and state is that we don’t want to create a national religion that would allow the leaders of the church to be the leaders of the state.  As was the case when folks first left England for the “new land”.  At that time, the King of England was also the head of the Church of England.

Of course, over time, here in America we have taken this concept and twisted it to all kinds of silly that now prevents us from offering a prayer before graduation, before a football game.  It prevents kids from singing Christmas carols during winter concerts.  Local governments are unable to display mangers.

Not, in my opinion, the intent.

Mississippi seems to be going the other way in an equal manner:

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant has signed a bill that could lead to student-led prayer over school intercoms or at graduations or sporting events.

It says all school districts must adopt a policy to allow a “limited public forum” at school events such as football games or morning announcements, to let students express religious beliefs. The policy must include a disclaimer that such student speech “does not reflect the endorsement, sponsorship, position or expression of the district.”

In the same way and manner that I don’t think that we should forbid coaches from holding a small prayer before hitting the hardwoods, I don’t think that we should be mandating a forum either.

However, when we begin to legislate stuff like this we end up with all kinds of twisted and tortured legislation that, when boiled down, is really meant to say, “Just leave me alone!”

My hope that this might just be a good common sense codified is the ACLU’s response:

Bear Atwood, legal director for ACLU of Mississippi, says the group will wait to see if there’s proselytizing in schools before deciding whether to file a lawsuit.

What else can ya expect from a dude named “Bear”?

If I Were A Democrat….


I know why the democrats haven’t submitted a budget in 4 years:

Its Democratic counterpart, from Senate Budget Committee Chairwoman Patty Murray (Wash.), raises nearly $1 trillion in new taxes, adds new stimulus spending and does not project any date at which balance will be reached.

Murray, who released details but not a full document, also axed nine years of the sequester, meaning her budget would actually not cut spending compared to the Congressional Budget Office baseline.