The Tea Party Effect




Watch it folks; the wave of populism is spreading and it isn’t just taking Liberal Democrats.

Even established candidates, backed by the Republican Party, are being taken out.  To be sure, entrenched Republicans are winning and winning big.  But in certain cases, the Tea Party is swinging elections and it isn’t making the traditional Party happy.

And THAT’S good.

Even if we don’t win all the elections, the message is being sent:

Don’t bring me that weak ass shit!

The Tea Party is signaling that voting for a 9 term Congressman just ’cause ain’t gonna cut.

And it shouldn’t!

Republicans may lose elections they otherwise could’a won, for sure.  It might make it harder to get some bills through, for sure.  But voting for the same old 70 year old white guy whose been in politics for EVAH’ ain’t the way to bring significant change where significant change is called for.

You wanna win and send a Republican to Washington?

Come big, come hard or stay home!

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