Why Debating Liberals is Like Picking a Lock with a Wet Noodle

I admit it.  I watch Bill O.  I think that he tries, tries I say, to be the fairest of all of the opinion guys on the cable shows.  Beck and Hannity are right-wing with Hannity clearly in the bag for Republicans and the politicians in the party.  Olbermann and Madow are so far to the Left that you can see ’em on the horizon if ya look Right.

But look.  There is a ton, a TON, about this new law that we don’t know.  That we’re trying to understand.  In his opening monologue, O’Reilly makes the point that the IRS is going to be involved in your health care.  And I think he’s right.  For example, if you do not buy a government approved policy you will be fined 1% of your income starting 2014.  In 2015 that goes to 2% and finally reaches 2.5% in 2016.  It’s funny that while the law allows for the fine, it doesn’t mandate or give authority to the IRS to actually collect it.  Just levy it.  Awesome.  So SO happy these guys manage my care now.

Anyway, O’Reilly has Anthony Weiner on his show for an interview.  Weiner tries to make the point that what Bill is saying isn’t true, that these are the things that causes confusion and frustration for the folks trying to figure this out.  Point in case, Weiner is saying that the government will NOT have access to your personal medical records.  Rather they will canvass medical organizations for details and statistics of the types of procedures performed and how that worked out.  In the beginning, I am tending to look at Weiner in a positive light’ maybe the law isn’t being viewed in a fair light.

Then the second half of the interview hits.  Weiner loses all credibility.  He will NOT answer or even acknowledge that a fine will be levied much less who will be the organization responsible for levying that fine.

Watch, the tell me whatcha think:

Mr. Weiner is good, he’s got skills.  But he gets away without answering the question.

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