Real Life Story

I’m the first second to admit, my wife is the first, that I haven’t actually RUN anything either.  I don’t own my own business, I don’t have P&L responsibility in my current job.  And while I can interview and choose who I hire, the decision TO actually hire ain’t mine.

But the Coyote does.  And this is great:

We have an opportunity to invest about a half million dollars in a new operation in Texas.  Financing is available.  But in my evaluation spreadsheet, small changes in income tax rates combine with a potential 8% health care tax on wages and an unknown fuel tax increase to move the net present value by enormous amounts.  I am not going to risk a half million dollars on a 20-year investment when the government is considering so much legislation that will arbitrarily move the value of this investment.

As one individual put it from his comments section, if I have a hard time trying to decide to move my IRA to a Roth IRA, we are in trouble.

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