This Will Soon Be US

As we slip further and further into the cluthes and dangerous mindset of the Government nanny state, we will soon find ourselves in THIS siutation:

A SHOPKEEPER has been fined £180 by Southend Council for NOT producing commercial rubbish.

Mr Howard was astonished when a council official visited to check his waste disposal credentials. The officer refused to believe he did not produce any waste and he was issued with a £180 fixed penalty notice…


Now that I think of it, this is EXACTLY where the Leftists are sending us.  If you DON’T use our Health Care system, we will fine you!

Hat Tip: Kids Prefer Cheese

One response to “This Will Soon Be US

  1. This reminds me of a case during the New Deal. Because FDR tried to fix prices, an immigrant dry cleaner was arrested for charging 35 cents instead of 40 cents to press a pair of pants. I guess the left-wing despots think that freedom only applies if you do things their way. You’d think that charging less for a service or not producing rubbish would be good for society. Unfortunately, the left seems to enjoy using the law as a means of oppression rather than as a means of protecting individual freedoms.

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