And We Needed More Proof

The government, by fiat, has taken over control of an industry.  Elsewhere, we have demonstrated that when exposed to the open market, supply is enhanced and prices plummet.  But not now.  In the name of public welfare, the government has said

We shall save you!

And it’s costing us big time.

Health care?  Nope.


Raleigh, N.C. — Alcohol is a $720 million a year business in North Carolina, and state law allows North Carolina government to have a monopoly on sales. However, a number of ABC stores across the state are barely surviving or are losing money.

Unreal.  You could open a liquor store where ever two roads meet and make money.  How is it that these guys fail?

“They can’t make them operate better. They can’t make them a profit,” Shaw said.

Right.  I forgot.  Government.

The best part?  Dry counties can have liquor stores.

The study also suggests the market is over-saturated with stores. Some counties are considered “dry” and don’t allow alcohol sales, but state law allows 500 voters in those counties to vote for an ABC board to run a store.

I think we should let these guys run health care; you?

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