Capitalism: Bringing Books to Millions

Some of the world’s best authors are having their books controlled by the most massive corporations the history has eve seen.  Prices are manipulated and the result is that consumers are getting the shaft are seeing some of the best deals ever seen.

Early in the day, Amazon was selling Grisham’s book of short stories for $9, the same price it had offered for “Ford County” before publication and a sign that Amazon was ready to continue the cost competition beyond the release date. was selling “Ford County” for $12 early Tuesday, then cut the price to the pre-order discount of $8.98.

And how are consumers across the country being abused?

Hardcovers generally have a list price of $24 or higher,

Wait.  Their not?  You mean that we are bring the most popular books in print to millions of people who otherwise may not have been able to afford ’em?  This MUST be bad, right?  Yup.

“We run the risk of seriously devaluing our product,” Grisham told The Associated Press on Tuesday.

Poor starving artist.

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