Where Brad and Britt Have it Wrong

I was listening to the Brad and Britt show this morning on my way to work.  The show was dominated by Rep Foxx’ comments regarding terrorism and the health care bill.   And, prolly as it should, the discussion turned back to the whole health care debate in general.  The old, should we or shouldn’t we thing concerning health care.  Now don’t get me wrong.  I love me some health care debate.  Not at all.  But what killed me was Britt’s comment:

Look, these people are already going to the emergency room and we’re paying for that.  We might as well insure them, use the power of numbers to reduce the cost, so that we all save money!

I wonder if he would say this:

Look, we are buying these people food and clothing.  We’re sending them checks every month.  We may as well take some of their paycheck early in life, invest it for them so that when they need it, they can have it later in life!

My guess.  He wouldn’t.  Which is why I call bullshit.

We all have Liberty given to us.  We can make choices or not make choices.  The consequences are there to be had.  Either you are for protecting that Liberty or you are not.

Brad and Britt are not.  They are political hacks making a buck off the radio.




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