What is Good for Me is Not Good for You

Stunning.  Truly stunning.

As the State is considering adding new taxes to the mix, they are at the same time telling local municipalities that they, in fact, can not tax those same businesses.

CHAPEL HILL — Local governments are watching anxiously as state lawmakers consider eliminating one of their revenue streams.

It’s called the privilege license tax, a fee that businesses pay for the privilege of operating within a local government’s jurisdiction.

Some lawmakers say the state needs to replace an unfair hodge-podge of fees that differ by locale and businesses without clear reason.

I wonder why?

Actually, I don’t.  See.  It’s much MUCH easier to be smart with someone else’s money than it is to be with your own.  Which is why governments, ALL of them, are not to be trusted with MY money.  This has nothing to do with conservative vs. liberal [although I do posit that conservatives are more for small government than libs are].  It has to do with the fact that the best people able to make decisions about their money are those people that EARNED it.  But hey, we all know that politicians are better able to spend our money than we are!

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