The State’s Budget

Having been recently sworn in, the Govna is faced with a budget shortfall of nearly 3 billion bucks.  This on a total nut of 21.5 billion.  We are currently budgeted to be just about 10% short.  Now, to be sure, tax revenue is down, how could it not be?  With unemployment at a rate we haven’t seen in quite some time, the state is simply pulling in less money from fewer people.  Understandable.  Same could be said for corporate and sales tax.  I get it, tax revenue is down.

But serious, 3 billion down?  Where else did we go wrong?  Where are we spending the money that we didn’t have.

The News and Observer reported on this here.  They do a fair job showing the loss of revenue, but come up short on the whole “spending side”.  How are we going to manage our way out of this?

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