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Romney Picks Ryan And Other Stuff To Think About

So he picked Ryan.  I think it’s a fine choice but maybe not the strongest one he could have made.  I’m glad that he didn’t pick Rubio.  Rick is too new, is only a Senator and really would have smacked to pandering.   The other pick I was afraid of was Rice.  I like her but she would have been a massive gamble.  She’s pro-choice -which is what it is- and that would have turned off a ton of the base.  Further, she could be seen a doubly pandering.

High gain high risk.

I would have preferred a governor.  Paulenty, Christie, Daniels, Jindal or McDonnell.  I think any of those 5 would be solid solid picks.  [If Obama wins the Republican primary is going to be an All Star team].

I think Ryan brings a conservative Tea Party rock and roll star, he brings youth and enthusiasm and brings a degree of expertise in matters financial.  However, he also brings the Ryan plan.  A plan that has been an easy target for democrats.  And a plan that may negatively sway indies and the elderly.

Will he make a difference?  Probably not.  But if his team can influence the Romney team that you have to be a little looser, a little more hip and a little bit more aggressive, then that would be a good thing.

Additionally, a few things are also clear.  In the coming days and for the rest of the campaign we’re gonna hear the democrats roll out all kinds of ads and speeches on the following themes:

  • War on the Middle Class – See also “Decline of the”
  • The gutting of Medicare and Medicaid
  • Tax breaks for the wealthy
  • Income disparity
  • The Ryan Plan itself

It should promise to be a great campaign!