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Grocery Barons: If Medical Care Delivery Were Like Food Care Delivery

Just got back from the grocery store.  It was 11:10 PM here in North Carolina.  I just finished working out at the YMCA.  I stopped to have a bite to eat and a beer at the local tap room and then decided I needed to pick up some things from the food store.

It was open.  Would be until tomorrow; they sell food 7×24.

The place was well lit, air conditioned and pleasant.  Music even.

Imagine, a warehouse that sells virtually anything you could wanna eat.  7×24.  On your way home.

Then I saw this:

Biscuits and eggs.  Taters and juice.  This would last my family of 4 two whole breakfasts.  That means for $6.99 I feed 4 people twice.  Or, if you carry the 1, eight people for seven bucks.

That’s less than $1 a meal.

Can you imagine what it would be like if we could sell medical care like we sell food?

Free Market

Here we see the power of the free market.

It was just several years ago that we couldn’t keep flu shots in quantity to meet demand. Today my grocery store offers it for free.

The Market [Literally] Shall Restore You

Flu shots too hard to get?

Doctor’s office run out?

Making an appointment is too hard to manage?

Actually taking time off to go to the doctor’s office inconvienient?

Check this out:

Not only can I buy groceries at this store, I can buy beer and wine.  I can buy local farm fresh produce from local growers.  I can fill a prescription.  Not only can I fill a prescription, but I can enroll in a program that will get me many medications at $9.99 for a THREE MONTH supply.  Not only that, but I can now walk up, without an appointment, bill my insurance or pay directly and get a flu shot.

At the grocery store.

Not one single vote or law was required for this advancement to occur.  Only that reasonable people, willing to trade time and property be allowed to meet in a market and trade.