The Market [Literally] Shall Restore You

Flu shots too hard to get?

Doctor’s office run out?

Making an appointment is too hard to manage?

Actually taking time off to go to the doctor’s office inconvienient?

Check this out:

Not only can I buy groceries at this store, I can buy beer and wine.  I can buy local farm fresh produce from local growers.  I can fill a prescription.  Not only can I fill a prescription, but I can enroll in a program that will get me many medications at $9.99 for a THREE MONTH supply.  Not only that, but I can now walk up, without an appointment, bill my insurance or pay directly and get a flu shot.

At the grocery store.

Not one single vote or law was required for this advancement to occur.  Only that reasonable people, willing to trade time and property be allowed to meet in a market and trade.

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