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Evil Internet Companies?

I’m not so sure; in fact, I tend not to think so.

After all, the net works much like any other service/product.  Companies wanna profit from it.  And the best way to profit is to make it as good and fast and available as possible.

However, not everyone agrees with me.

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Some Thoughts On Net Neutrality

Okay, so, the FCC gets beat by the law. And people across the country are screaming that this is a blow to “net neutrality”. So I thought maybe it’s high time we discuss what, exactly, net neutrality really is.

And what it’s not.

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And The Winner Is: Freedom and Liberty!

A very critical court battle was decided Tuesday.  At risk was the ability for internet providers to handle traffic at their discretion.  Basically, the FCC wanted to regulate how a private provider would treat traffic on its own network.  A network, by the way, that they paid billions of dollars to build.

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