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Obama Name Calling

So, I’ve been pretty clear in my feelings toward our Gentle Leader.  I’ve been very clear that I think Mr. Obama is what we now call a Socialist.  While not strictly accurate by definitions, the word seems to have changed in meaning over time.  I do not think that he wants the state to own the means of production, but he most certainly wants to redistribute wealth.  Further, he has no fear of forcing corporations to follow edicts of his government.

Which has led me to calling Obama a fascist.  While I understand that many many people incorrectly identify fascism with the violent racist militarism we have seen in recent history, the real meaning of fascism is more akin to state control of economic forces.

However, while all of that may or may not be true, I have never read the books Obama penned himself.  I assume that in these books the President represents himself fairly.  And, I think, without having read even page 1, that he goes back to times when he was a young man.

I wanna keep an ongoing thought experiment as I read these chapters.  I wanna see what Obama HIMSELF says about what he feels.

Perhaps we can lay to rest whether or not the man is a capitalist or a fascist.  Or a socialist.

Or a whatever-ist.

Beware The Liberal Siren Song

If you believe the likes of Barack Obama and his of his socialist, fascist friends, you will believe that the American system of economics benefits the wealthy at the expense of the poor.

The rich get the breaks and the poor are exploited.

Don’t believe it:

Did you know that in Denmark, the poorest 30 percent pay 14.1 percent of all taxes and the richest pay 48.7 percent, while in the United States, the poorest 30 percent pay just 6.1 percent of all taxes and the richest 30 percent pay a whopping 65.3 percent? The surprising thing is not that the richest pay most of the taxes but that the U.S. has nearly the most progressive tax system in the world, while the Scandinavian countries have about the least progressive tax systems, contrary to commonly held belief.

Obama and his team are radical extreme thinkers when it comes to organizing our economy.  The only thing saving us is the fact that he and his team don’t have any experience in running an organization.  He simply couldn’t manage his way out of a wet paper sack.
Thank God!