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Memo To Tea Party: Add Sugar and Cream

2010 saw the power of people.  For the first time we saw strong, committed conservatives take to the streets.  The movement grew from individual to individual.  All of America was swept up as everyday Americans gathered arm in arm to protest bad policy, bad politics and bad politicians.

And it worked.    Scott Brown in Massachusetts, New Jersey and Virginia in 2009.  And, of course, the massive statement made this past November.

It’s clear, America capital “L” loves Tea!

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Ya Get Some Right and Ya Get Some Wrong

It takes a lot of work and time and patience to get it right.  And even WITH all that investment in discipline, the most accomplished master is going to have a moment or two when he looks at his creation and….

Tosses it back.  Does it over.  Learns from his blemish.

Political movements are no different.

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