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Race Relations: Having A Conversation

Race Relations

George Zimmerman.

Treyvon Martin


I’ve never not thought that we needed to have a conversation about race.  Of course we need to have a conversation and we have to have one now more so than in the recent past.  It hasn’t been since Obama – McCain in 2008 that we’ve talked about race in a significant manner.  And this moment in time seems more poignant.

So yeah, let’s have that conversation.

And that means putting on your big girl panties.  A conversation means interaction; interaction in ways that might be difficult, emotional and divergent from your own views.

So here is Bill:

Controversial?  Yup.  Opinionated?  Yup.  A conversation starter?  Yup.

A response:

So, Hayes has an opinion.  I get that.  And his opinion is that he doesn’t like O’Reilly’s opinion.  Which, I guess, is fine.  But what we’re trying to do here is have a conversation.  Which, like I said, is about engaging with UNlike minded people.

Hayes isn’t doing that here.  What he’s doing is anti-conversation having.  What he’s doing is offering a soliloquy, a speech of one with no option of dissenting views.

Which, like I said, is fine.  But it’s not a conversation.  And we need to have that conversation.