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Cary, NC: Libertarian Mecca

A Chicken Hen

Who knew that Cary, NC of all places would be the rebirth of Libertarianism in North Carolina?  Heck, perhaps in America the rate we’re going these days.

It used to be that you could grow your own food.  Most likely, you HAD to grow your own food.  Then, like minded people got together and said that you could no longer grow your own food.

And now, they are changing their mind.

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When Government Embraces Technology

I haven’t run the numbers yet, so I don’t know if this makes sense or not, but I like the innovation of the whole thing.

See, typically when a government agency is faced with a problem, they work hard, REALLY hard, at fixing the problem.  Not eliminating it.

For example, the county works hard at repairing roads, not making roads that don’t need repair.  The post office works hard at delivering mail netter, not at reducing the need to deliver mail.

And to be fair, there ARE some instances where government embraces technology.  Take the DMV for example.  You can now renew your registration and license online as oppossed to going to the office and doing it in person.


Which is why programs like innovating the water utility makes me so happy.

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